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F#2 Minor 16 - Deposit 訂金

F#2 Minor 16 - Deposit 訂金


Panlab Bass Series

F#2 Minor 16

F#2 | (C#3) (D3) (E3) F#3 G#3 A3 B3 C#4 D4 E4 F#4 (G#4) (A4) (B4) (C#5)
Total Price: HKD23,800 (Deposit HKD8,000)
Material 材料: Stainless Steel 不銹鋼 (Ember)

Product Dimension 產品尺寸​
Internal diameter 內徑: 53cm
External diameter 外徑: 56cm
Height 高度: 27-30 cm
Weight 重量: about 約 4-5kg
Steel Thickness 鋼材厚度: 1mm

  • Pickup 取貨方式

    We will send you a notification to confirm your pickup. Please collect your items at our studio in Ngau Tau Kok. 我們將會發送通知給您確認取碟事宜。請您前往位於牛頭角的工作室領取手碟。

    If you require postal service, please contact us separately. 如需郵寄服務請另行聯絡我們。

  • Return and Exchange Policy 退換政策

    No refunds will be provided for the amount paid. Musical instruments and accessories are sold as-is and cannot be returned or exchanged. 所付金額不設退款;樂器及配件售出後恕不退換。

  • After-sales Maintenance Service Terms 兩年免費調音服務細則

    After-sales Maintenance Service: One-time free tuning service within two years, limited to regular tuning for minor pitch deviations caused by normal usage. This free tuning service is exclusively available for the original owner of the handpan. If there is any damage, separate repair fees will be quoted. 售後保養服務:兩年內可享有一次免費調音服務,僅限於正常使用下輕微音高偏差的調整。此免費調音服務僅適用於原來的手碟持有人。如有損壞,需另行報價進行維修。​Lifetime maintenance service available after two years, fees will be quoted based on the actual situation. 兩年後終身保養受理,費用將依據實際情況進行報價。
    The customer is responsible for bearing the shipping costs for both the outbound and return shipments (if applicable).

  • Note 注意

    Each handpan created by Panlab Limited is unique. The images or videos provided are for reference purposes only, and the final instrument available for purchase may exhibit slight color or aesthetic differences.

    每個由 Panlab製作的手碟都是獨一無二的。所提供的圖片或影片僅供參考,最終的製成品可能會有些許顏色或美學上的差異。

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