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Panlab Bass Series

F2 Low Pygmy
Hand-made in HONG KONG

Panlab為了造出沉實雄厚的低音階系列手碟, Panlab Bass Series 以不銹鋼造出更廣闊的音域,帶來更多的可能性。不鏽鋼特性,能做到比氮化鋼更低沉的聲音,更長的延音,音色相對較柔和,比氮化鋼手碟不一樣的另一種音質。

要造出厚重圓渾的F2 ding,手碟材質需要由一向沿用的氮化鋼,轉為比較硬的不銹鋼。萬物如雙刃刀,不銹鋼的物理特性令手碟製作難度增加,由於調音時材質反應更敏感,手碟工匠需要更費心神、專注力及時間以達致理想的音色。



That F2 ding taking me straight to the void on our first encounter. Time froze. That bass has been lingering in my heart, leading us day by day, to manifest our Bass Series in Panlab. 

To achieve such grounding bass, stainless steel is an ideal option due to its physical properties. It delivers a longer sustain, lingers as it grounds. The low range scales enable a different acoustic resonance experience. Lights you up with the deepest Bass. There are always two sides of the same coin. Its properties level up the challenges for tuning as hammering one spot on a tone field affects the rest of the tone easily compared to that of nitrided steel.

Limits, take us further. Our crafting skills have expanded to accomodate this stainless material as we shifted our research and development focus on our Panlab Bass Series . Orders of Essentials Series had been suspended in July this year as we directed our resources on the Panlab Bass Series . 

Bass Series

Extended Bass Series

Product Dimension 產品尺寸


​Diameter 直徑: 53 cm (​Internal 內徑), 56 cm (External 外徑)  |  Height 高度: 27-30 cm |  Weight 重量: about 約 4-5kg

Steel Thickness 鋼材厚度: 1mm   |  Materials 材料: Nitrided Steel 氮化鋼 or Stainless Steel 不銹鋼 (Ember)

Pre-Order Panlab Series Handpan

凡訂製Panlab Series手碟

Comes with 附送

1. Panlab Handpan 2-way Backpack (with handle)(random color)
Panlab手碟兩用背囊一個  (附手挽)(顏色隨機) 
Upgrade to Evatek Bunker by HCT by adding $1,980
加$1,980 升級至 Evatek Bunker by HCT

(Original 原價: $2,080)
Upgrade to Airtek® (Medium) by adding $1,180 
加$1,180 升級至 Airtek® (Medium)
(Original 原價: $1,280)


2. Care Kit: Handpan Maintenance Oil and Cloth



After-sales Maintenance Service 售後保養服務
Subject to the terms and conditions stated herein 受有關條款及細則約束