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Panlab Series
Hand-made in HONG KONG

Essentials Series

Extended Essentials

Product Dimension 產品尺寸


​Diameter 直徑: 53 cm (​Internal 內徑), 56 cm (External 外徑)  |     Height 高度: 27-30 cm    |  Weight 重量: about 約 4-5kg

Steel Thickness 鋼材厚度: 1mm   |  Materials 材料: Nitrided Steel 氮化鋼 or Stainless Steel 不銹鋼 (Ember)

Pre-Order Panlab Series Handpan

凡訂製Panlab Series手碟

Comes with 附送

1. Panlab Handpan 2-way Backpack (with handle)(random color)
Panlab手碟兩用背囊一個  (附手挽)(顏色隨機) 
Upgrade to Evatek Bunker by HCT by adding $1,980
加$1,980 升級至 Evatek Bunker by HCT

(Original 原價: $2,080)
Upgrade to Airtek® (Medium) by HCT by adding $1,180 
加$1,180 升級至 Airtek® (Medium) by HCT
(Original 原價: $1,280)


2. Care Kit: Handpan Maintenance Oil and Cloth



After-sales Maintenance Service 售後保養服務
Subject to the terms and conditions stated herein 受有關條款及細則約束

Terms & 

Handpan Order 手碟訂製

Handpan Order 手碟訂製

1. A deposit of HKD8000 is required to confirm your order. We will begin production on your handpan once we have received confirmation of your deposit and your scale selection.


2. All payments are non-transferable and non-refundable.

3. All handpans are made and tuned by hand. Customers should expect a production time of approximately 2-3 months for their handpan. Panlab Limited will inform customers if any additional production time is required due to unforeseen circumstances.

所有手碟均經由工匠人手製作和調音。製作時間約為 2-3個月。如因不可預見的情況需要額外的製作時間,Panlab將個別通知顧客。
4. Panlab Limited is not liable for any damage or direct/indirect loss resulting from the improper use of our products. Panlab對於因產品不當使用而導致的任何損壞或直接/間接損失概不負責。
5. Each handpan created by Panlab Limited is unique. The images or videos provided are for reference purposes only, and the final instrument available for purchase may exhibit slight color or aesthetic differences.

每個由 Panlab製作的手碟都是獨一無二的。所提供的圖片或影片僅供參考,最終的製成品可能會有些許顏色或美學上的差異。
After-sales Maintenance Service: One-time free tuning service within two years, limited to regular tuning for minor pitch deviations caused by normal usage. This free tuning service is exclusively available for the original owner of the handpan. If there is any damage, separate repair fees will be quoted. 


Lifetime maintenance service available after two years, fees will be quoted based on the actual situation. 兩年後終身保養受理,費用將依據實際情況進行報價。

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